Powered by passion, experience, and expertise, our shipyard is offering a state of art refit services. Spanning more than 15,000 sqm, our environment-controlled facilities can accommodate refit projects from 40 metres to 120 metres in length.


Our work is a process covering every detail related to construction of the interiors and exteriors and the validation of production steps in the boats. In fact, for Akyacht every detail of our yachts is very important like the warehouse. We can offer you a large, dedicated, climate-controlled warehouse and integrated warehouse management system.


Of course, crew life is very important to us as we work carefully for your boats. So, the crew’s quality of life, their condition, what we can offer them is an important point for the success of our business. While we are working hard for your boat on the other hand crew members can enjoy around the nature in their free time. For instance, our location is a central location, there are several 5-star hotel options, with yard’s special rates. There is a dedicated, full equipped crew office in the shipyard. To elaborate on our location, which will make the life of our crew easier and better, we can remark that climate-controlled hangars, an hour drive to Istanbul and there are different social activities around the shipyard.

For example, Kartepe is a district of Kocaeli, which is frequently preferred by people who want to do winter tourism because of its ski center. There is a Kartepe Ski Center in a region close to Kartepe Mountain in the district and this area is very suitable for winter tourism. Kartepe Mountain is the third largest mountain of Marmara. It is a location that will make the life of the crew beautiful to have hotels to stay in the beauty of nature and places to eat.

Another example is Sapanca Lake which is located near us. Sapanca is a region in nature, which belongs to our Sakarya province, has been preferred for short holidays recently due to its greenery and lake resort, and where many activities are carried out around the lake.